“In this probing investigation, a team of scholars in political science, religion, and Latin American studies offers a considered account of the complex global dynamics that shape immigration in America. . . .  In its compassionate and well-reasoned exploration of why migrants come to the U.S. and how they integrate into American Society, this book appeals to what Lincoln called “the better angels of our nature” and makes a well-reasoned case for humane immigration policy.”

-       Publisher’s Weekly (read the entire review here)

“This is one of the most important recent books about immigration. … Focusing on the actual experiences of a wide range of unauthorized immigrants, the authors describe the texture of their lives, their contributions to their respective communities, and their intense urge not only to assimilate but to become productive citizens.”

            -  “20 Best Books from Independent Presses,” Huffington Post (read more here)



To learn more about unauthorized immigration to the United States, visit these sites:


Pew Hispanic Center, a research organization that offers reliable and detailed information about the unauthorized immigrant population of the United States. 

Migration Policy Institute, an independent, nonpartisan organization that studies the worldwide movement of people, and explains immigration policies and their effect.  

Immigration Policy Center, the research and policy arm of the American Immigration Council, which offers detailed and accurate information about the role of immigrants and the impact of immigration policies in U.S. society.


To learn more about some of the organizations we discuss in the book, visit these sites:


Corn Maya, Inc., an organization of Maya indigenous people in Jupiter, Florida, which offers a range of services, educational events, and cultural activities for immigrants and their neighbors in the local community.

El Sol Neighborhood Resource Center, a center that connects day laborers to homeowners and employers and promotes immigrant incorporation and community strength by providing a range of services, educational opportunities, public information, and training.

Alterna, an intentional Christian community in Georgia, where migrants and non-migrants live together in simplicity and solidarity.

Trail of Dreams, a movement if young adult immigrants to build awareness of and advocacy for the DREAM Act.


To learn about how you can take action on immigration issues, visit these sites:


America’s Voice, an organization that works to build public momentum for effective and humane immigration reform.  America’s Voice conducts public opinion research and engages in direct advocacy.   

Define American, a website founded by Jose Antonio Vargas, a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist and unauthorized immigrant.  It urges immigrants and others to tell their own stories as a way to promote national dialogue on the issue of immigration reform. 

Dream Activist, a research and action network for undocumented students, which focuses particular attention on issues surrounding passage of the DREAM Act, which would provide legal status to unauthorized immigrants brought to the U.S. as children, if they attend college or join the military and meet other ctriteria. 

Justice for Immigrants, the immigration advocacy organization founded by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.  The website provides information on how to take action, as well as a range of resources for religious groups interested in issues surrounding immigration reform.

Interfaith Immigration Coalition, a partnership of faith-based organizations working to promote fair and humane immigration reform that reflects the values of welcome and the dignity of all human beings.